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Canadian Published  Author of 'The Forbidden Gift: A Child's Memoir'

About Me

Brenda Montgomery

Brenda has appeared in numerous newspaper articles over the years, appeared on Rogers TV, created ghost hunting groups,  was invited to join Psychic Mediums when it aired on TV,  and now a published author.  Brenda is also part of an elite group of the Top Psychic's in Ontario .   Brenda uses her gift to help others like herself and children come through the indigo years. 

The Forbidden Gift: A Child's Memoir


A true story, growing up it was forbidden, through her lens, you will learn how this young girl was guided to expand her abilities and help others.  A childhood filled with an unique introspective, inspiring, thought-provoking and loving stories growing up with a Forbidden Gift!A

Between The Veils


Brenda brings the other side to her readers, so they can see what other's can not....Brenda's famous line .."They are waiting for you"!



Very good and powerful lady. She has such a kind heart. She knows her stuff. Would recommend. She truly has a gift. Brenda is also very approachable. Just all around lovely person.

--Kay N  Ontario, Canada


"Bright Light-worker. an Ancient Soul, very gifted"

--Jim V. , Wisconsin, USA


"I am so happy she has become a part of my life, Brenda is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! If you haven't had a experience with her, do not wait any longer, you won't regret it, you'll only wonder why you didn't follow her sooner, Brenda has done card readings for me and i have been absolutely speechless! She is the REAL deal!! "

--Theresa J,  Glen Carbon, Illinois