The Forbidden Gift: A Child's Memoir


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A true story about Brenda who was born with an amazing gift. Her mother told her to 'hide' it, and growing up she was made to feel her gift was 'forbidden'. How was she supposed to pretend it didn't exist? It was a huge part of her life and affected more than just her, it affected close friends and family around her - even people she did not know! As she grew older, some came to call her a psychic and others called her a seer who lives in two worlds, the world of the living and the spirit world. In many cultures her abilities are highly treasured and looked upon as a guide through life; and quite frankly, they are literally just that. 

Through her lens, you will learn how this young girl was guided by physical and angelic beings to expand her abilities and help others. In these pages, you will find childhood stories that are introspective, comical, frightening, inspiring, thought-provoking and loving. Brenda reminds us what it is to be innocent yet wise, and encourages us to move forward in a world of uncertainty with courage. 

The Forbidden Gift reminds us that being different really is a good thing and those who don't understand can learn from Brenda's stories and experiences. Brenda is hoping that telling her story will help others to be more open-mined and accepting of those who are different. This is a part one of a two part volume about Brenda's life an living with a Forbidden Gift.